Build Career Awareness

Awareness experiences expose students to different career options and the world of work. Delaware employers participate by serving as guest speakers, participating in career fairs, or opening their business to tours.
Detailed examples below.

Guest Speakers

Professionals of all levels of experience offer presentations on their industry, company, or personal career path. Topics are selected in coordination with partner schools and presentations are conversational by design. In-Person or Virtual.

Career Fairs

Employers showcase their industry’s careers through hands-on, interactive exhibits that offer students their first professional networking opportunities. From booths that foster engaging conversations about career paths to hands-on experiences and equipment displays, students are encouraged to engage physically in activities and come prepared with questions related to their interests. In-Person.

Workplace Tours

Professionals offer tours of their workplace, taking students behind the scenes to understand the various departments and specific roles that work together in a successful business. Tours highlight the equipment and skills that different jobs utilize and describe career paths from entry-level through advanced positions; engaged student Q&A is encouraged. In-Person or Virtual.