Why partner with the Delaware Office of Work-Based Learning?

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What does an employer commitment look like?

We know that, especially in these times, you have many competing priorities. That’s why we designed our employer program to be turnkey and supported – with three levels of engagement for you to choose from.

This entry-level engagement provides students with introductory career information and presentations.

See examples of Supporter activities.

This hands-on engagement features direct student interaction at multiple touchpoints over time.

See examples of Partner activities.

This expanded student-centered engagement offers immersive experiences that jumpstart students’ career paths.

See examples of Leader activities.

Learn more about which employer partnership is right for you.

Explore our Employer Handbook for more guidance on getting started with work-based learning.

Industry Councils

Industry Councils bring the voice of employers into 21st century workforce development. Made up of employer representatives from key industries in Delaware, Council members influence and provide strategic direction on educational programs so that students gain the right skills to be successful job applicants within each Council’s industry.

Council members lead by example, developing programs inside their organizations and across the industry that provide students with valuable work-based learning experiences. Effective industry councils result in a more direct-to-employer talent pipeline, providing industries an active role in shaping their future workforce.

Interested in joining an Industry Council? Let’s talk!

Delaware Employer Playbook

Download the Employer Playbook

In this playbook, you will find detailed information about getting started with work-based learning, and guidance on the various ways your business can engage with students.

 Download the Playbook (PDF)

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