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Bryan Horsey

Bryan Horsey: Director, Delaware Office of Work-Based Learning Director
A Delaware native, Bryan has led the work of the DOWBL since 2019. His priority is to expand work-based learning experiences across the state by engaging more employer partners and making stronger connections between Delaware Tech graduates and hiring organizations. Prior to joining Delaware Tech, Bryan was manager of External Affairs and Operations at Bloom Energy and also served nine years in the U.S. Senate under Senators Biden, Kaufman, and Coons, managing federal projects across Delaware.

Amber Frushon

Amber Frushon: Work-Based Learning Specialist
A Delaware native and alum of Delaware public schools and university, Amber is co-leading DOWBL’s school partnerships. New to DOWBL but not new to Delaware Tech, Amber spent the last four years doing events and program management work. Prior to joining the College, she was an account executive at iHeartMedia. She looks forward to leveraging these experiences to build close relationships with school districts and CTEs across the state.

Lynn Fishlock

Lynn Fishlock: Work-Based Learning Specialist
For over 20 years, Lynn has worked to design mutually beneficial work-based partnerships for employers, community stakeholders, and students. In roles at University of Delaware and Salem Community College, Lynn gained extensive experience in how to develop critical workforce skills in both traditional and non-traditional students. She looks forward to building out-of-the-box work-based learning solutions with DOWBL partners!

Kathy Loraw

Kathy Loraw: Administrative Assistant
Kathy joined the DOWBL team last summer, bringing 35 years of administrative experience from industries as diverse as hospitality, oil, banking, and community college. She is already adding new structure and support to the team’s systems and processes and looks forward to getting to know more DOWBL partners this year!

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