Work-Based Learning

Work-based learning educational experiences are directly linked to real-world workplaces. Work-based learning ranges from guest speakers or workplace tours to an immersive apprenticeship.

Work-based learning:

  • helps students identify career options and start building relevant skills.
  • supports schools in meeting state-wide workforce development standards.
  • introduces employers to their future workforce and gives them a role in shaping future employees’ career readiness.
  • creates a qualified local workforce for Delaware – securing the state’s economic future.

Work-Based Learning In Action

How Work-Based Learning is Organized

In Delaware, we have a curriculum framework called Delaware Pathways that guides work-based learning standards across our state.

The Delaware Office of Work-Based Learning’s role is to ensure that schools have access to vetted work-based learning opportunities to support the Delaware Pathways curriculum. We partner with Delaware employers and community-based organizations to create meaningful student engagements that are rewarding for all involved!

What Students Learn

Work-based learning experiences teach students soft and hard skills.

  • Soft Skills are social emotional skills and behaviors that make you an effective employee, like managing your schedule and communicating effectively.
  • Hard Skills are workforce skills, ranging from creating a resume to performing a technical, industry-specific task.


The Delaware Office of Work-Based Learning works with employers and community-based organizations to design and offer three distinct kinds of student experiences:

Our Difference

Many approaches to work-based learning are in the market, including uncoordinated pay-to-play software solutions that meet the needs of a very small percentage of students.

The Delaware Office of Work-Based Learning stands apart.

We work like a concierge service – delivering schools the vetted learning experiences they need through companies of all sizes and market specialties.

No scanning posts, no waiting for a match. The Delaware Office of Work-Based Learning provides organized opportunities at scale to programs across the state – simply put, exactly what schools need, when they need it.

Delaware is leading the way in re-imagining workforce readiness – join us!