Guide Career Exploration

Exploration experiences bring students into the work world through active, hands-on engagement with professionals. Delaware employers participate by conducting interviews, offering job shadows, or facilitating industry-specific student projects.
Detailed examples below.

Job Shadows

Professionals allow small groups of students to observe work processes, employee collaboration, and task completion across multiple jobs at actual worksites. Students rotate through several departments in the course of a visit; engaged student Q&A is encouraged. In-person or Virtual.

Industry-led Projects

Professionals collaborate with teachers to design a student challenge or project related to their industry. Projects span several weeks and typically include student data gathering, collaboration, and problem-solving. Professionals answer student questions, provide technical support, and attend culminating student presentations. In-person or Virtual.

Informational Interviews

Professionals participate in student-led informational interviews about their industry or personal career path. Students research, prepare discussion topics, and learn to ask engaging questions; professionals provide interview feedback at the end of the experience. In-person or Virtual.

Mock Interviews

Professionals lead mock interviews for entry-level positions in their industry. Students prepare resumes and sharpen interview skills in advance. Professionals provide interview feedback at the end of the experience. In-person or Virtual.